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Cluster Ion Generator

Cluster Ion Generator
Cluster Ion Generator
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Product Code : 07
Product Description

Ion Cluster Generator

Product usage & applicable Area

The product can help improve the indoor environment through deodorization and sterilization as well as removing of hazardous material.

Advantage or strong points compared with similar technologies & products

With a function of higher competitiveness compared with other products in the same category (Same both home and abroad): Higher level of sterilization and deodorization, compared with products of other companies, due to the use of pulse power supply (PPS) (PPS: A unit that helps apply a strong voltage instantly and generate ion cluster that has more powerful energy) (Applied for patent: No. 2009-0134945

Quality: The distance between electrodes should be kept to be even to generate discharge without variation. In case of our product, silver coating is applied to keep the distance to be even to provide uniform quality.

Usage: The product lineup runs from small size ones up to large size ones comprehensively, and the pulse power supply is embedded in our ion clusters, consequently reducing their sizes and making it easy to use the them. (Registered for patent: No. 0913343)

Duration: The products of other companies use tempered glass, while our products use highly pure quartz of higher solidity, helpful extending the duration of the discharge tube by 1.5 ~ 2 times.

General illustration, features and specification of product

  • The ion cluster generates ion cluster by using the plasma discharge.
  • The ion cluster is a material that helps sterilization and deodorization and also removes harmful materials. In case of large size ion cluster generators, they are installed in a building air conditioner (HVAC), and, in case of small size generators, they are installed in an air-conditioner and a diffuser for example, in order to enhance the indoor air quality.

Features of the SPE ion cluster generator

Low maintenance costs

  • Its power consumption is below 1W, nearly incurring no costs
  • The failure rate is almost zero, without incurring management costs later, for example, for A/S, so it can be used semi-permanently.

Powerful effect of removing various harmful materials

  • It discharges a large volume of high-energy ions, so it is powerfully effective in removing harmful materials such as virus.
  • It can help eradicate the source of pollution at its root, providing an excellent effect for sterilization and deodorization.

Effective for sterilization and deodorization in a wide area
Its powerful effect for sterilization and deodorization can be maintained in a wide area

Configured in a module type, allowing the product to be applicable in various purposes

  • Designing a product can be made easy as the product is made in a module type with various sizes that can be applied easily.
  • Wide in terms of choices that can be made, as various sizes and levels of voltage are available.


215, Jinheung-ro, Enpyeong-gu, Seoul - 122-706, Korea South
Ms Christine (Researcher)
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